About Us

Spring Valley Sportsmen’s Club was incorporated as a non-profit entity in 1943 in Lehigh County.  It was formed to promote recreational activities and to assist in improving  hunting, fishing and sporting activities in the vicinity of Spring Valley and its environs.

Spring Valley Sportsmen’s Club is located in the small hamlet of Spring Valley, Pennsylvania.  The county lines of Lehigh County and Northampton County run through its 7 acre property.  On the northwest side of its property runs the popular Saucon Rail Trail, which connects the town of Hellertown to Coopersburg. 

On its 7 acre property, it has a 1,100 square foot clubhouse for its members to meet and socialize.  Close by, a 1,000 square foot pavilion is used during spring, summer and fall months for club activities. The pavilion and clubhouse, along with the rest of the grounds, can also be rented for personal use by members and non-members alike. 

A small creek runs through its property, eventually making its way to the Saucon Creek at the Weyhill Golf Course.  This small creek feeds the club’s cooperative trout nursery, which is one of 96 nurseries in Pennsylvania. Since its existence in 1995, the co-op trout nursery has stocked over 63,000 trout in local streams in Lehigh and Northampton counties.

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Spring 2024 Lottery

Click the link below to download your Lottery Form for May, June & July. Sell as many forms as possible and don't forget to buy one for yourself. Click here to get your Entry Form.

The cost is only $10 per entry - covering every day for 3 months. You choose your own numbers. Winners based on the Pennsylvania Lottery 3 digit evening Daily Number.

Winning numbers are played straight only.

Spring Shotgun Shoot

Come blast a few rounds and win some prizes at this fun event on Sunday, April 14th @ 12:00 pm. Call Wayne Seifert at 610-838-5477 to help with the shoot, sell or buy splashboards or with any questions.

Invite your friends and neighbors for some friendly competition! Food & games of chance available. 

Thank you Sponsors, Members and Guests for our successful Fall 2023 Turkey Shoot. 

👍 Andrew Rogers' Pizzeria 1984 Waldheim Road, Hellertown
👍 B.W. Social 1984 Waldheim Road, Hellertown
👍 Klotz’s Bait and Tackle Shop 216 Hess Avenue, Hellertown
👍 Link Beverages 315 E Thomas Street, Coopersburg
👍 Tony’s Pizza 40 S Main Street, Coopersburg